2030 West Tilghman Street, Suite 105, Allentown, PA 18104
T: 610-434-7138, Ext. 12 | F: 610-434-6020 | Email: mark@scoblaw.com
Our firm has direct roots to its founder, E.G. Scoblionko, who practiced in Allentown for over thirty years, until his death in 1975. The senior Scoblionko was a well-known and highly respected member of the Bar, who had a tenure as President of the Lehigh County Bar Association. He had numerous associations through the years until 1970, when he was joined by his son, Mark H. Scoblionko. Mark Scoblionko assumed leadership of the firm on his father's passing in 1975 and has continued in that role to the present. Anthony Muir joined the firm in late 1974 and retired at the end of 2013. Marla Melman, after practicing law for several years in Virginia while her husband was in medical school, returned to the Lehigh Valley and joined the firm in 1984.

Following Mr. Muir’s retirement at the end of 2013, the then-existing professional corporation was dissolved and a new single member limited liability company, “Law Offices of Mark H. Scoblionko, LLC,” of which Mark H. Scoblionko, Esquire is the sole member, was formed.  “Scoblionko, Scoblionko, Muir & Melman” is a registered fictitious name of the Law Offices of Mark H. Scoblionko, LLC.

The goal of this law firm is simple: “To provide competent, aggressive and ethical representation of our clients with ‘small firm’ personal attention and ‘large firm’ quality.”

We engage in a general civil practice, which includes civil litigation, corporate, restrictive covenants, general business planning, estate planning and administration, real estate, and medical office management and affairs.

If you have a question about possible legal representation or the firm, please call Mark H. Scoblionko, the President and managing attorney, at (610) 434-7138, extension 12.